Silly Things You've Seen On The OU Ladder!


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You mean focus blast right? Cuz I don't think terrak gets aura sphere.. If it did, I probs would've used special terrakion more
Terrakion doesn't get Power Gem either... he might've been talking about STABmons or so, idk why he would tho


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The foe's Sableye used Metronome!

And guess what it turned into?

Waggling a finger let it use AncientPower!
Rotom-Wash lost 9.2% of its health!
The foe's Sableye's Attack rose!
The foe's Sableye's Defense rose!
The foe's Sableye's Special Attack rose!
The foe's Sableye's Special Defense rose!
The foe's Sableye's Speed rose!

Thunder / Dragon Pulse / Body Slam / Crunch (I think it was Crunch) Tyranitar.

I saw someone post a team with Sub / Toxic / FBlast / Scald Rocky Helmet Keldeo and ChestoRest Hydration Vaporeon on a team with Drizzle Toed.


*yawn* ez
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Watching a friend ladder and then I saw the best thing ever, banded Latias. <3

That shit worked too, luring Tyranitar and nearly OHKO it with Outrage. Makes me want to try out a physical Latios tbqh. Also saw that Liepard assist team, it was silly but it somewhat worked. I guess. :|
Quite some time ago, I ran into a guy with a Curse + Body Slam Gastrodon, Specs Dragonite, and Banded Flareon.

Not to mention all the newbies with Aguav Berries and Berry Juice on their Pokemon.


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Some weird ones I've seen are Physical Latios, Mixed Keldeo, CM Terrak, Balloon Tar, Specs Ferro..

I'd say the worst was on the OU Current ladder a few weeks ago, I went 3 straight battles where the opponent had at least 2 quick claw users per team. And that's keeping in mind that they might not have all activated. Stuff like Haxorus, Ttar, Dnite, Forry, Celebi all had quick claws; it was like an epidemic.
Worst I have ever seen is an entire team of UU and lower mons with Sash and Protect.

Quick Claws as well.

And there was that time I was using an Eviolite Lairion....


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Expert Belt Latios
SD U-Turn Scizor
None of these are bad.

Expert Belt Latios still its hard while potentially netting 2 KOs thanks to switch in's thinking they can take a resisted attack, like Ferrothorn and Scizor

Dugtrio is a staple on must Sun teams and eliminates Jirachi and Tyranitar, easily putting you at an advantage.

SD U-turn Scizor is often used by tournament players to catch their opponents off guard. You bluff the Banded set until late game where you sweep with +2.

I'm surprised you think these sets (out of all the sets I've seen on the ladder) are silly.
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Expert Belt Latio
SD U-Turn Scizor
wait, what? Ebelt Latios is quite a legit set. Dugtio is OU and a staple in many sun and rain teams. SD U-turn Scizor is odd, but is featured on one of those really good Deo-s teams in the archive so I wouldnt say its totally unviable.

Edit: ninjad
Belly Drum Politoed- the worst thing was, his entire team basically relied on rain- Tornadus, Thunder Thunderous-T, Toxicroak, thunder Jirachi
I ran into someone using Air Balloon Dragonite and Air Balloon Salamence. Now before you say "You can avoid the EQ when you Roost." neither one of them had Roost.

And yesterday...

The foe's Tyranitar's Quick Claw let it move first!
Latias used Surf!
A critical hit! It's super effective! The foe's Tyranitar lost 77% of its health!
Latias lost some of its HP!
The foe's Tyranitar used Dragon Tail!
It's super effective! Latias lost 35.3% of its health!

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